The “Alternative Party for Germany” (AfD) adopted the election program for the federal elections, on September 24th, at the party congress in April 2017 in Cologne. AfD, who wants to effectively determine the future political agenda of Germany in the election program which has the title “Program for Germany” (Programm für Deutschland), has a very wide range of topics, in this article, we get points on Asylum & Citizenship, Guiding Culture, Border Control, Law Enforcement, and Social Assistance

Image of an Alternative für Deutschland meeting
AfD meetings catched the attention many times



Immigration, integration and refugee issues take place on the basis of foreign policy and national security. In this context, the points taken by the AfD in the mentioned areas are as follows:


Asylum and Citizenship

There were serious debates on how people obtain German citizenship. Hence, naturalization has still a decisive importance. AfD has a clear stance on the issue as follows:

  • German citizenship should not be granted to foreign nationals born in Germany. Thus, criminal gangs are prevented from taking their German citizenship.
  • German citizenship should only be given to those who are totally assimilated and who have no doubt that they are loyal to their new country.
  • The dual citizenship law must be changed and only given in special circumstances.
  • The right to complain to obtain citizenship must be lifted.
  • Citizenship opportunities should be expanded if crime is committed. So, those who have passed into German citizenship must be removed from citizenship if they have been involved in suicide within ten years. The same call applies to those who are found to be members of terrorist groups or gang groups.
  • Only those who have no doubt about their identity should be able to claim asylum.
  • Legal and technical infrastructure should be established at the point of identification and information exchange among the security units should be strengthened.
  • If the reasons for the asylum claim are over, so refugee residence permits must be removed and their return must be ensured.
  • Qualified people and families should be given priority.


Guiding Culture

The term guiding culture (Leitkultur) is using in the integration debate suggesting a common identity had to be practiced by the newcomers. However, it is highly equivocal since many people thinks that it is a road to assimilation. Not surprisingly, AfD follows Leitkultur arguments to reach vague adaptation goals:

  • It is impossible to expect all of the asylum seekers to adapt to my country. There is the lack of literacy in the  asylum seekers. So, we must bring the flow of immigration to a reasonable level.
  • Every immigrant who comes to Germany and wants to continue his life is responsible for adapting to his new country and for adapting to “Guiding Culture”.


Border Control

Brexit raised the debates on border control across the Europe. Right parties attempt to show a causality between soft border policies and rising terrorism. AfD underlines the right to control the borders:

  • “We want to determine who will enter my country and who will not”
  • Borders should be closed immediately. Otherwise, It will not be possible to stop the uncontrolled immigration in Germany and the social hubs it brings.
  • The annual deportation quota must be determined


Law Enforcement

Similar to the borders issue, AfD mentions the crime rates committed by asylum seekers and refugees:

  • They should be effectively struggled against crimes committed by foreigners.
    • The law of deportation needs to be rearranged. The “mandatory” deportation process should also be re-enacted in cases of minor offenses.
    • Extra-judicial decisions must be made by the high criminal courts.
    • The criminals who cannot be deported must be sent to the third countries.
  • “International terrorism” is a great danger for governments. So, the formation and growth of this terror must be eliminated by resorting to legal means.


AfD remarks with a firm opposition against Angela Merkel
AfD remarks with a firm opposition against Angela Merkel


Social Assistance

  • In Germany, refugees seeking asylum must be followed by other family members and social assistance.
  • Those who migrate from EU member countries to Germany can only claim social assistance.