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blockchain for refugees

Blockchain for Refugees: Great Hopes, Deep Concerns

Blockchain has been much in the news lately thanks to the speculative cryptocurrency market. It is increasingly being touted as something of a magic...
Emre Eren Korkmaz, in this opinion paper, emphasis upon the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the growing sustainability policies.

How Might AI Transform Corporate Sustainability Policies?

Rapid technological development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has triggered a growing debate about its ethical, political and legal implications for our...
Tomio Okamura Czechia

The Anti-immigrant Immigrant: Czechia’s Japanese Leader

While the world was focused on the German and Austrian election results, another surprising election outcome materialized in Czechia. After the Czech government had...
The unprecedented data source published by the government reveals how people face discrimination in different spheres of life in the UK

“Nowhere to hide”: Ethnicity Facts and Figures of the UK

Prime Minister Theresa May announced a report titled Ethnicity Facts and Figures, on October 10. This unprecedented data source reveals how people face discrimination...
A flow of refugees and asylum seekers has accelerated and become very much apparent in the Black Sea over the past weeks.

Hectic days on the Black Sea

Immigrants who have lost hope in the Aegean islands are directing themselves to a new alternative: the Black Sea Route.   A flow of refugees has...
In 2015, 5 citizenship applications lodged to the Czech authorities and after the Brexit in the UK, the number of applications has risen to 19 at 2016.

Exodus from the UK

Britons encountering with a confusion on how their living conditions and socio-economic interactions will influence the decision of Brexit. Even the British diplomats don’t know...
The half of participants to survey claimed that Germany reached its maximum limit in order to deal with more asylum-seekers.

“Willkommen in Deutschland!”

As reported by a new study that was prepared by Bertelsmann Foundation, the half of participants to survey claimed that Germany reached its maximum...

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