Donald Trump vs. Sadık Khan

Sadık Khan Trump

Last week, the US president Donald Trump and his wife Melanie Trump visited the UK for 3 days. There were some remarkable developments in the highly anticipated visit. Trump tweeted some critics about  Mayor of London, Sadık Khan while he is still on his way to the UK. Trump said  ‘stone cold loser’ for Khan. However, this controversy did not start with Donald Trump’ s criticism tweets. In May 2016, Sadık Khan said that Trump is ignorant about Islam and after this statement, Trump had challenged him with an IQ test. Before the president came to the UK, Sadık Khan also published an article about Trump and claimed that ‘He is like a 20th-century fascist’.

In his article, Khan explains why  ‘It’s not appropriate to the British values’. He says that Trump feeds xenophobia and Islamophobia via othering. He criticizes the politicians of the UK -especially the Conservatives- are supporting Trump because of the military and political power. The tension between the two leaders seems not to be finished but at least we can say that it is stopped for a while.