Macron’s France wants to process asylum seekers faster. Migration experts feared that Macron’s arrival to the Élysée Palace would bring stricter migration policies to France. Now the President has proved them right.


“People who are not in danger must return home”

Last week, Macron shortened the remanding process of asylum seekers. The plan aims to reduce the normal processing time of applications to six months while increasing the detention time from 45 days to 90 days in order to speed up the processing of applications according to the government. Macron’s government wants to decrease the amount of economic migrants on French soil.

Another controversial topic is the question of safe third countries. Macron’s government wants to send migrants back to countries they have already passed through on their way to France.


“Not even Sarkozy’s government has gone as far as this”

The Minister of Internal Affairs of France,  Gerard Collomb, is the key author of France’s new migration policies. To describe the current situation, Clemence Richard, of French NGO La Cimade,  said “Not even Sarkozy’s government has gone as far as this”.