UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi called on Libyan authorities on his twitter account: Awful conditions in Libyan detention centers must improve urgently. Meanwhile, UNHCR working w/authorities to avoid detention of refugees.

UNHCR stated that Libya is the main departing point and more than 1.3 million people who are migrants and asylum seekers need humanitarian urgently. Because of the poverty, oppression, and conflict, people attempt to flee the country to reach to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean but they are detained by Libyan authorities.

On 21th May, Grandi had a trip to the capital of Libya, Tripoli, and visited detention centers. Seeing the harsh conditions in the detention centers, he said that he is shocked by the conditions and called on Libyan authorities to release these refugees and asylum seekers.

“I was shocked at the harsh conditions in which refugees and migrants are held, generally due to lack of resources. Children, women, and men who have suffered so much already should not have to endure such hardship,” said Grandi and added that it is not easy for UNHCR to access Libya due to the conflicts and volatile setting of Libya, nevertheless The UNCHR will do its best to bolster its presence in there.



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