The Italian government is planning to augment the number of migrants who will be deported soon by speeding procedures up.

The Interior Ministry said it would take a stronger stance on migrants this year, without giving further detail. In testimony to parliament, the minister for the first time.

Last year, the immigrant population of Italy has almost reached 10% of the total resident population. Over 180,000 boat migrants have tried to wind up Italian shores to get asylum crossing the Central Mediterranean route. 11,233 migrants have arrived already in 2017, till today, a palpable hint attempts to impede human-trafficking in Libya is still operated by the smuggling hubs. The EU tries to hamper human-smuggling collaborating with Libyan local authorities.

Within such a framework, Italian government plans to expedite deportations of migrants who are unqualified for international protection and asylum claim.

“We have to deport those who do not qualify for protection and are in violation of the law.” Minniti, the minister said. Even though the official report shows how many migrants had been deported in 2016, the number in 2015 was no more than 4,000.

In order to rise the number, Italy will launch new detention centers for keeping migrants before sending back to their homelands. In addition to 4 available pre-deportation centers, it was announced that 16 more ones will be opened soon.

Migrants whose rejected asylum claims have rights to appeal the courts, a definitive response to this may take two years, the Minister said.

“It takes too long for asylum seekers, and it takes too long for the communities that host them.”



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