Over the course of 2017, migration was indisputably at the heart of the international agenda. The Mediterranean was the most important migration route in previous years but in 2017 the number of people choosing this route has been considerably reduced.

This year, the total number of refugees and migrants who reached the European continent via Italy, Greece, and Spain is 171,239 according to recently updated statistics by UNHCR. Unfortunately on this route 3,081 people are estimated to be dead or missing.


Source: UNHCR


Italy is the country that has received the most migrants, with 119,247 migrants from Tunisia and Libya. Greece has received the second highest number, with 29,634 migrants from Turkey, Egypt, and Syria. Spain is the third country with 27,253 migrants, mainly from Morocco. In terms of ethnicity, Nigerian refugees and migrants make up the largest group of Mediterranean arrivals. 17,487 Nigerians arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean route, which is 11.3% of the total number of arrivals.

Syrian refugees and migrants constitute the second largest group, with 16,557 refugees and migrants making up 10.7% of total arrivals.