In the age of technology, a large proportion of refugees and migrants have a smartphone. This situation can be used to the advantage of refugees and migrants. Everybody knows that they have faced too many challenges and obstacles during their journeys.

These obstacles and challenges spring from a lack of trustworthy sources of information about migration risks, visa regulations, and migrant rights. Other problems include communication between migrants and service providers, and unsafe and expensive money transfers.

IOM observed these problems and provide a solution. It’s called MigApp, which is available to download as of December 18th on Google Play and App Store.

The application has different features to provide key or even life-saving information for refugees and migrants. They can get information about travel and health requirements of the destination country before leaving their own countries.


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It provides updated news about global incidents and health warnings tailored to the needs of refugees and migrants. Information about the money transfer is provided and sending money to other people is possible via this app. Medical appointments can be made directly through the app. In addition, it helps people who are on the move to cope with language barriers, and they help in keeping travel documents secure.

Finally, they can communicate with other migrants via stories about themselves.

IOM is aiming to diminish, or even put an end, to many of the problems that migrants and refugees face via MigApp.