Bloody Friday: Mosque Attack in New Zealand

New Zealand

Two different mosques were attacked in Christchurch, New Zealand. Local media reported that 49 people lost their lives and 20 people are seriously injured.

It turned out that the terrorist published a statement about 70 pages before the attack. The statement is a declaration of the extreme right and the Islamophobia. Besides that, the terrorist broadcasted the attack moment  lively in the social media.

Four people are taken into custody due to these two separate attacks held in a statement by the New Zealand Police. Also, authorities warned people to not to go to mosques throughout the country.

Several politicians and media organizations condemned the attack but some of the media organizations keep out calling the attack as a terrorist attack, rather they used “mass shouting” or “mass killing” and possible attackers are instantly connotated with mental health problems. After the attack, the gun law and Islamophobia in Australia became a subject of debate again.