On July 5, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior issued a press release on recent news about Syrians in Turkey. In the release, it is stated that the news and comments served by several social media accounts and media organs that the Syrians are increasing the crime are served to the public by detaching from its real context.

In Turkey there is nearly 3 million Syrian people who are under temporary protection regime. Recently, they started to have Temporary Protection Identity Card so that they can cover their basic needs such as sheltering, securtiy, education, health and so on.

According to the press release, the strains experienced among Syrian people and between Syrians and Turkish citizens have been distorted in the last days and a dill is exaggerated to create infidelity in society. Considering the total population of Syrians in Turkey, the ratio of their total number of crimes committed is very small compared to the general crimes of Turkey. In addition, despite the increase in Syrian’s population, the crime incdents in which they have been involved in 2017 has been a 5% decrease compared to the first six months of the previous year. The rate of Syrian people’s criminality does not overlap with the publicly quoted figures, and the figures show the opposite. The ratio of the incidents of the Syrians to the total number of public order incidents in Turkey is 1.32% per annum between 2014-2017. An important part of these events are events that originate from disputes between themselves. In May 2017, 3,046 persons committed to the crime of begging, 380 out of them were Syrian. It has also been understood that some of the arrests were disguise as Syrians.

The press release highlighted that the tensions experienced from time to time want to be escalated to the public. Also, it is not dropped beneath the radar that Syrians are called as “guests” and the hospitality and ensar discourse are still being used.