far right

    Migration Flows and Rising Far Right: Challenges for EU

    After the Arab Spring, chaos engulfed the Mediterranean region. Vast amounts of immigrants from destabilized countries like Libya and Syria tried to cross the Mediterranean to reach the welfare states of Europe. Besides the...

    Migrant Hostages: A Lucrative Business in Turkey

    Last week’s discovery of 96 Pakistani and Afghan migrants who had spent a month chained in an Istanbul basement was met with reactions of shock and horror. The men had paid traffickers between four and...
    The article explains why a Turkish-style replicated deal cannot be effective in the EU-Africa cooperation aiming to curb the migrant flows.

    Why the Replicated Deal Won’t Work in Africa

    The EU has been trying to develop a robust plan to stem the tide of irregular migration that threatens European security at a large scale, including a replicated deal. Especially in the Aegean Sea,...
    The EU-Turkey deal sparked the debates on the violation of human rights. We talked with two scholars who recently published a policy brief on returns

    Returns From Greece: Interview with Ilse van Liempt and Jill Alpes

    On 18 March 2016, the EU and Turkey agreed on a cooperation for struggling with irregular migration in the Eastern Mediterranean. Accordingly, as of 20 March 2016, it was decided that “all new irregular...
    Mehmet Enes Beşer made an interview with Luca Lixi on externalization of the EU’s migration management, readmission, and bilateral agreements

    Bilateral Agreements and EU’s Moral Leadership | Interview with Luca Lixi

    Faced with historical migrant flows, which peaked in 2015, the European Union implemented an array of political and legal measures to manage this increase. Luca Lixi, a doctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield,...
    George Christopoulos

    “Quite Surprisingly”: Interview with George Christopoulos

    We have made an interview with George Christopoulos, the adviser at the Hellenic Parliament. We had a chance to ask about the global refugee crisis and its effects on Greece. Welcome, George. Could you tell us...




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